Call Waiting

In a bustling business environment, phone lines are often occupied, increasing the likelihood of missed calls. When one of your business numbers is engaged, other callers seeking to reach you face disappointment as they hear an unavailability tone or announcement. Without call waiting, your missed calls pile up on the phone's display unless you opt for an extra alert service. Unfortunately, this means you could be missing out on potentially valuable business opportunities. To overcome this challenge, consider implementing call waiting to ensure you never miss a crucial call and maintain seamless communication with your clients and customers.

By activating the highly effective Call Waiting feature, incoming calls received while you're engaged in another conversation are placed in a waiting queue. The call attendant is promptly notified of the additional call, while the caller is informed that their call is on hold, encouraging their patience. Even if a caller decides to disconnect, their number will be logged as a missed call. The implementation of the Call Waiting feature in your Private Branch Exchange (PBX) ensures improved connectivity between employees and customers, resulting in enhanced organizational productivity. Stay connected and make the most of every interaction with this valuable feature.

Efficient Management of Call Queues

To enhance the services provided by Hosted PBX, introduces the Call Queue Management feature. This feature efficiently handles and prioritizes incoming calls that are in the queue.

When there is a high volume of calls and limited active extensions, it can be challenging for operators to attend to all the incoming calls. With our Call Queue Management, operators can easily identify callers in the queue. Incoming calls can be directed to available extensions, allowing operators to attend to important customers promptly and prioritize their needs. This ensures that crucial customers receive immediate attention and satisfaction. Improve your call handling efficiency with our Call Queue Management feature.

Enhance Calling Experience: Our Hosted PBX Solution offers a wide range of features designed to provide you with the best calling experience for your Private Branch Exchange (PBX). Among these features is Call Waiting, which ensures you never miss an important call. Here's what you can expect from Call Waiting on our Hosted PBX services:

Our Hosted PBX is built on softphone technology, providing a user-friendly experience accessible from various devices such as PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Call Waiting, along with other features, is fully functional on all compatible devices. Furthermore, we believe in giving users complete control, which is why the Call Waiting feature can be easily enabled or disabled according to your preferences.

With Call Waiting, you'll enjoy the following benefits:

  • Instant notifications for attendants when a call is on hold
  • Ability to answer a waiting call while putting the current call on hold
  • Seamless switching between active calls
  • Option to join calls for conference purposes
  • Flexibility to disconnect any or all ongoing calls

Experience the power of Call Waiting and optimize your communication with's Hosted PBX services.