Dial By Name

Simplify internal communication with All8Network's Virtual PBX system. Our Business Phone service offers two convenient features, 'Dial by Name' and 'Dial by Extension', ensuring lightning-fast calling between employees. Customizable options make connecting with the desired party effortless and quicker than traditional phone dialling. Say goodbye to time-consuming dialling and embrace seamless connectivity within your business.

Unveiling the Process: How It Operates

1.Seamless Contact Calling

Our Dial by Name feature simplifies calling by allowing users to identify and connect with desired parties using their names. You can use the keypad touchtone or even speak the name to initiate the call. By entering the 'first name' or the 'first three letters of the first name,' this feature swiftly identifies the corresponding contact. To take advantage of this feature, ensure the desired party is saved in your contacts.

2.Efficient Extension Dialing

With Dial by Extension, connecting with the right person becomes a breeze. Instead of dialling the complete phone number, enter the extension assigned to the desired party. This feature enables accessible communication within your business. As an administrator, you can set up and edit extensions for different employees or departments, ensuring smooth internal connectivity.

Enhancing Business Phone Efficiency: The Benefits of Dial by Name/Extension

The all8network's Business Phone service offers the convenient Dial by Name/Extension feature, designed to streamline communication within your business. With this feature, locating the desired extension or contact is a breeze. The system automatically searches for the desired destination, displaying the results instantly on the caller's device. This eliminates the need to search through saved contacts every time a call needs to be made. This feature saves valuable time effortlessly, especially for internal calls, which are typically short and require immediate dialling.

Discover the power of all8network's "dial by name/extension" features, simplifying employee communication within our cost-effective virtual PBX environment.