Call Forwarding

Call Forwarding is a highly valuable feature offered by All8Network's Private Branch Exchange (PBX) services. When a call is received on an unavailable number, this feature redirects the call to another designated number set by the user. It ensures that you never miss important calls, even in unavoidable circumstances.

The beauty of this service lies in its flexibility. You have the freedom to choose the desired number for call forwarding based on various availability scenarios. For instance, if your official extension is occupied, calls can be forwarded to a colleague's extension. Similarly, if your official extension goes unanswered, calls can be routed to your mobile number. The Call Forwarding feature even allows calls to be redirected to external numbers beyond the network.

With All8Network's Call Forwarding, you have control over your incoming calls, ensuring efficient communication regardless of your availability. Stay connected and accessible to clients and colleagues, no matter the situation.

Advanced Features of Hosted VOIP PBX System

With All8Network's Hosted PBX system, you can enjoy the benefits of unlimited calling and faxing, providing you with a powerful communication tool for seamless interactions with colleagues and clients. Experience the freedom of making unlimited calls at flat prices, and customize your number with a desired area code. Our system enhances the flexibility of your business by ensuring that your employees are readily available with just one call. Additionally, you have the ability to monitor phone calls in real-time, offering valuable insights into call usage. Choose All8Network's Hosted PBX for a reliable and high-performing communication solution.

Unlock Greater Possibilities with The All8network

All8Network offers an array of features to ensure you never miss important calls. In addition to Call Forwarding, our advanced options like Call Hunt, Call Queue Management, and Call Parking are designed to keep you connected with your clients. Hosted PBX represents the future of business phones, allowing you to make high-quality calls to anywhere in the world at affordable rates. Simply install the softphone on your device, connect to the internet, and enjoy seamless communication. Experience the power of All8Network's Hosted PBX and elevate your business communication to new heights.

Ensure Every Call is Answered with Call Forwarding

At All8Network, we prioritize connecting callers with users through our hosted PBX service. Our Call Forwarding feature ensures that no call goes unanswered, maximizing your business opportunities. What sets our Call Forwarding apart is the range of options available for routing calls. Choose from:

  • Forward all calls
  • Forward on busy
  • Forward on no answer
  • Forward from select callers
  • Forward on a busy line

Please note that enabling forwarding for the 'All Calls' option will override customization for other forwarding options. Experience seamless call management with All8Network's Call Forwarding feature and never miss an important call again.