Deliver an Exceptional Customer Experience Using Hosted IVR Solution

Enhance customer engagement and satisfaction with the cutting-edge technology of Interactive Voice Response (IVR) offered by IVR is recognized as one of the most intelligent solutions in the realm of Private Branch Exchange services. It empowers callers to self-serve or effortlessly connect with the right agent or department, taking customer experiences to new heights.

With IVR, customers can access details such as extension numbers, branch addresses, outstanding billing amounts, etc. Moreover, IVR systems streamline call durations, enabling callers to guide themselves toward satisfactory answers or solutions. Elevate your customer service game with our advanced IVR solution.

Understanding the Functioning of Hosted IVR

Experience the seamless functioning of Hosted IVR with When a customer dials your business phone number, their call is directed to our cutting-edge servers, where your PBX system is hosted. Our custom IVR engages the caller with various options. For instance, they might hear, "Thank you for calling XYZ Company. Your IVR can have numerous options, connecting callers to different departments and individual agents through extensions. Once the caller chooses, they are swiftly routed to the designated department or agent, facilitating a successful connection between the caller and your business. Discover the power of Hosted IVR for streamlined Communication.

What benefits do you get in hosted IVR:

Experience the benefits of Hosted IVR with

    Security: Safely share confidential information with customers, such as Telephonic Identity PIN, through the secure IVR medium.

    Minimum Manpower: Handle customer calls efficiently with minimal workforce, as IVR operates without human intervention.

    Call Recordings: Record IVR calls, including caller inputs, on the cloud. Access recordings for various purposes authorized by the Hosted PBX admin.

    Cost Effective: Our hosted IVR solutions are designed to reduce operational costs at every stage, offering cost-effective communication solutions.

    Real-time Updates: Get real-time updates on performance and productivity through our cloud-hosted IVR, keeping you informed and in control.

    100% Uptime: With our 24x7 free tech support, enjoy uninterrupted service and 100% uptime for our hosted IVR phone system throughout the year.

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  • Device flexibility: Compatible with computers, smartphones, and tablets
  • Commitment to green technologies for eco-friendly service delivery
  • Optimal data security for all exchanged information over the cloud

Unlock the true potential of Internet Fax with all8network, where seamless Communication and outstanding service are our top priorities.