Revolutionize Your Business Communications with Cloud Hosted PBX

The all8network's Hosted PBX service offers a comprehensive solution for all your communication requirements, eliminating the need for expensive installations and maintenance associated with traditional wired phone systems. Our flexible Hosted PBX setup, also known as Cloud PBX, Virtual PBX, or IP PBX, brings together various communication channels to boost productivity, foster collaboration, and streamline network communication.

Our feature-rich Hosted PBX solutions are designed to seamlessly integrate with your workflow. You can effortlessly add or remove extensions, handle high volumes of incoming and outgoing calls, and stay connected with your business from anywhere in the world. With no installation costs, pay-as-you-go plans, and a plug-and-play cloud communication model, you can quickly get started and access the necessary resources wherever you need them. Experience the convenience and efficiency of cloud-hosted communication with all8network's Hosted PBX service.

Understanding Hosted PBX: Functionality and Operation

Hosted PBX, also referred to as Virtual PBX and Cloud PBX, revolutionizes communication for businesses by leveraging scalable, IP-based technology to route calls over the Internet. This innovative solution simplifies communication for multi-location organizations, streamlining processes and reducing capital expenses.

With a Virtual PBX system, a single terminal efficiently manages all business phone lines without requiring any changes to the existing infrastructure. No physical setup is necessary, as the plug-and-play nature of the service allows for seamless integration. Customized call routing solutions can be easily configured, enabling calls to be directed to the appropriate departments or individual agent extensions, whether it be their personal mobile device, desk phone, or desktop. Mobile users can take advantage of smartphone apps to display the company's caller ID, while in-house employees can utilize VoIP desk phones or softphones to make and receive calls through the cloud PBX system. Experience enhanced communication efficiency with Hosted PBX services from All8network.

Benefits of All8network's Hosted PBX Phone Service


Cost-effective Operations


Enhanced Customer Service


Geographical Agility


Improved Productivity


Secure, Reliable, and Feature-Rich Solution

Key Features of Hosted PBX


Never miss critical information. All calls auto-recorded & securely stored on the cloud for later use.


Multiply profits with intelligent routing. Customize patterns based on various factors.


Build a professional image. Customize on-hold music for brand building.


Fast, flexible, secured, and quality solution. Connect any number of team members.


Manage business calls easily. Forward calls to office, Skype, or mobile for client loyalty.

CALL HUNTING Find-me/Follow-me

Enabled Calls multiple group members or sequentially until answered


No need for a full-time receptionist. Integrate a consistent automated voice for your brand.


Deliver the best solutions. Easily transfer ongoing calls to other departments or agents.

Why Choose All8network

At All8network, we offer a unique, reliable, and scalable business communication solution that caters to the diverse needs of your workforce. With a decade of experience in the industry, we have mastered the art of providing cutting-edge communication solutions to businesses worldwide. Our high-performance SSD servers, located in the US, ensure lightning-fast connectivity and a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Rest assured, our SAS 70 Type-II certified data centers offer robust redundancy and failover capabilities, ensuring seamless operations even in the face of unexpected events. Here are some reasons why you should choose All8network:

  • Flexibility to adapt to your specific requirements while seamlessly integrating with your existing setup, all at a cost-effective price point.
  • Our team of Microsoft-certified professionals is available round the clock to provide expert support and assistance.
  • Enjoy secure and crystal-clear HD voice communications on our reliable network platform.
  • Say goodbye to maintenance and setup costs with our hassle-free solution.
  • Our top-notch server replication ensures your data is protected and accessible at all times.
  • Efficiently route incoming calls to your employees, no matter where they are located.
  • Take advantage of our 10-day free trial to experience the power of our services firsthand.