Music On Hold

It's important to avoid keeping customers on Hold for too long, as studies have shown that callers generally dislike waiting. Unfortunately, there are times when putting a customer on Hold is unavoidable due to high call volumes, request processing, or consulting with a supervisor. 

To make the "on-hold" experience more bearable, All8Network offers a feature called "Music on Hold." As the name suggests, this feature plays music for callers while they wait on Hold. It provides a pleasant background tune to make the wait a little more enjoyable for the customer.

The Power of 'Music on Hold': A Closer Look

Understanding the significance of Music on Hold requires recognizing the potential drawbacks of not having it. According to reliable studies, an operator puts callers on Hold for an average of 15 minutes daily. Shockingly, approximately 55 per cent of callers are likely to hang up if kept on Hold for more than 30 seconds. Moreover, one-third of customers are unlikely to make another attempt once a call is disconnected. The cumulative impact on your business can be substantial.

But fear not! Music on Hold is here to save the day and your business. Customers will stay engaged and entertained by eliminating the silence that often accompanies being on Hold. Additionally, you can choose music that aligns with your brand, enhancing its reputation in customers' minds. Moreover, consider the advantage of playing promotional offers during the hold time, increasing the likelihood of upselling your products and services.

With Music on Hold, you can transform the customer experience, keeping them connected and satisfied while maximizing your business opportunities.

Tailored Messages: Adding a Personal Touch

In the business world, every moment counts, especially when a customer is on the line. At All8Network, we believe in seizing those precious moments to create valuable opportunities for your business. When you need to put customers on Hold, we offer you the ultimate chance to make the most of these moments.

Gone are the days of playing only a generic music tone for customers on Hold. We provide a range of options for you to captivate your customers. By customizing on-hold messages, you can showcase enticing promotional offers, grabbing callers' attention and opening doors to upselling and cross-selling opportunities. Customer feedback has shown that these strategically placed promotions during hold times can generate significant business.

Don't let valuable moments go to waste. With customized messages, you can engage customers, enhance their experience, and unlock the potential for increased sales and customer satisfaction.